Strengthening your position in a male dominated industry: dentistry

botox training face mapAs women, we are constantly told – implicitly or explicitly – that we are simply not as good as our male counterparts at . . . well, anything. There is always a complaint, always a criticism, and sometimes even a blatant choice of someone else over us simply because they were a man. This is something that is even more noticeable in some areas of work, and the medical profession, unfortunately, is one of them. For a woman to be taken seriously within the medical world, particularly a speciality like dentistry, she must be able to always offer something new, something better, something that a male dentist has not seen before. That’s why being able to strengthen your position in this male dominated industry can be such hard work – but all of that is about to change.

There is a training program called Dentox that has been especially created to impart new skills to dentists in the area of cosmetic surgery: Botox and dermal fillers, more specifically. As dentists already have the majority of the skills that are required in order to administer a Botox injection or a dermal filler already, this is the perfect way to get the edge over your colleagues with the minimal of new knowledge. Even better, the training only takes one day so you won’t have to take too much time off work in order to gain the knowledge, and there’s absolutely no travel involved out of the city because the training program is coming to New York.

Now is the time to show your male counterparts what you are made of, and leave them behind in the race for new knowledge and new treatment options. Make sure that you book your slot in Dr Howard Katz’s Dentox program to guarantee your spot.

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