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LA Sliding Closet DoorsKNR Sliding Doors is the number one company in understanding what its clients need and meeting their demands within the shortest period time, with the greatest variety of choices and the finest quality on the market. We offer a number of sliding door types such as room dividers, barn doors, closet doors and pocket doors. Whatever door you chooses, you can be sure that you will receive 100% custom sliding doors of the most reliable quality.

Here at KNR Sliding Door, we have one rule that no staff member is allowed to break under no circumstances. We offer our clients sliding doors, we would have installed in our own places. The solutions you receive in KNR Sliding Doors are guaranteed to be fully customized and unique so that the doors can suit any interior design and fit into any place of your choice. Just set us a goal and we will achieve it for you, offering the custom sliding closet doors that others can only dream of. Visit our office or call us, give a hint about what kind of sliding doors you want or where it should be  – we will immediately come up with a number of choices (recommended to us by KNR Sliding & Glass Doors Culver City).

Sliding Closet Doors

Now you do not have to break your head over the eternal question how to hide all your stuff in a closet and not to clutter your room with numerous closets. There is ultimately right solution – sliding closet doors. It will not only help you cover the track of your wardrobe and other extremely necessary things, but also will either visually expand or enhance the image of the room.

Room Dividers

If you are wavering over space usage in one room, the dividers can do you great good. With their help, you can make use of every inch of the apartment and divide it into different zones. Now it is only up to you how your room will look today – will it be a romantic bedroom or a place to meet with friends at a coffee table.

Pocket Doors

Sliding pocket doors is, probably, the most customizable type of sliding doors. Whatever is your goal, KNR Sliding Doors can easily meet it. Besides great functionality options, you will have a chance to opt for a material, mechanism and frame for the pocket doors that will be proudly top off your interior.

Barn Doors

With barn doors becoming more and more popular in the interior design, KNR offers an immense number of options for you to choose from. In case you need to close an opening and there are some restrictions for a regular swing door or a pocket one, then barn door is the best choice for you. It is quick to install, easy to use and just great to look at. KNR Sliding Doors can also offer you an option of integrating your own barn door tracks to our doors.

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New word in interior design – sliding barn doors

Custom Made Barn DoorIf you are one of those who has never been to a barn and has never seen a barn door, now it is high time for you to change that.

Since the trend of sliding barn doors in the interior is breaking into our apartments and houses, you can enjoy this space saver and add a bit of rustic and cozy flavor to your place. What is more, it is another chance for you to feel that you are in a countryside, relaxing on somewhere on a farm in the foothills of a spectacular mountain.

Besides, no one will ever say to you something like “You are always forgetting to close the doors. Were you raised in a barn”? As you will have a perfect excuse with your brand new sliding doors. In addition, it is a great solution to cover part of wall space if there is too much of it.

Still sliding barn doors is not, probably, the best solution for you if you strive for extra privacy and are afraid of being overheard. It is less sound protective than you can expect. It is also worth taking into account that sliding barn doors can take more wall space than a regular door. On the contrary, there is a vivid advantage of the door on a sliding track – it occupies only a bit of space on the floor. For the apartments where you try to save as much space as possible, it is very topical and a great way out.

Sliding barn doors are perfect for small rooms because you cherished inches of space will be free for whatever you are up to. However, it is not the case for those rooms where there is a lack of wall space and t you are not sure is a barn sliding door will fit there.

In such a case, there is always a way out. Just call a repairman or a person who is proficient in creating and installing sliding barn doors. The chances are high that he/she will give you pretty valuable tips that can come in handy. If that does not sound attractive to you and you feel more than confident in your sliding barn door making skills – just head to the nearest DIY store where you will find all the necessary materials.


Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

patient with wisdom teeth painIf you need to have your wisdom teeth pulled, you are not alone. Wisdom teeth extraction is a fairly common procedure that millions of Americans have performed each year. Our third molars have become obsolete, and with physical changes in our bodies that have occurred over the course of thousands of years, some of us can no longer accommodate these emerging teeth.

Wisdom teeth impactions cause a number of issues that can include infection and the potential for gum disease if they are left untreated.

Extractions are oral surgeries that are performed under either general or local anesthesia. There is some discomfort that can be expected after the procedure and this can be managed with either over the counter medications or a pain reliever prescribed by your dentist.

The recovery time can last for about a week, but can vary with each person. There are a number of things that you can do to speed up the process and reduce the risk of post-op complications.

The First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours after your surgery will be the most challenging. You may have some bleeding the first day, but if it persists after that, you need to call your dentist. You will need to change out the gauze pads periodically until the bleeding stops.

You can use ice packs for 20 minute intervals to help reduce any swelling that may have occurred from the wisdom teeth removal process. The area will be numb for a time after surgery so you will need to be careful not to accidentally bite your gums or tongue.

If you are a smoker, avoid smoking for the first 24 hours. The sucking action can dislodge the blood clot that is forming and cause bleeding. Smoking can also introduce germs into the mouth which can lead to infection.

Helpful Tips

After the first 24 hours, the ice compresses can be switched out for moist heat ones and you can use salt water rinses to gently cleanse the mouth and to reduce pain and swelling. You can use the rinse several times a day.

Brushing the teeth can resume after the first day, but you must take care and be gentle and avoid the surgical area specifically so you do not restart the bleeding.

For the first several days after surgery, you will need to keep your diet pretty restricted. Eat only soft foods that require little or no chewing. Solid foods can be added back into your diet gradually as your mouth begins to heal. Do not use a straw for drinking, just like smoking, the sucking action can dislodge the blood clot at the surgery site.

When lying down or sleeping, do not lay flat, keep your head elevated. Lying flat can prolong the bleeding at the site.
Physical activity will need to be kept to a minimum. You should not do anything that can potentially disrupt or dislodge the blood clot that is forming.

After about a week, you should be back to normal activities and the healing process should be well underway. Any questions or complications should be immediately reported to your dentist.

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Women dentists can now get ahead thanks to new training program.

botox training new york mapAs a female dentist, you will have probably come across casual sexism frequently – not just as a woman, but as one who has taken the step to move into a traditionally very male dominated workforce. It is not always so obvious, but it just takes a few careless comments to show just how little your male colleagues think of you. There is, on the other hand, a way to demonstrate to them just how far beyond them you are, and that is by increasing your skill base and offering your patients far more than your male colleagues could even dream of. One way of doing this is by going on the Dentox training program, a course designed for dentists to learn about dermal fillers and Botox.
Getting ahead in this area is simple, as dentists already know how to use needles safely, and this will not be something that your colleagues will be able to predict. It is a fact that very few people can really argue against that women trust other women better than they trust men. We may not like it, and it may play against us as women in many occasions, but that just seems to be the way that it is. This means that any woman who is considering whether or not she wants to have Botox or a dermal filler will be much more comfortable talking to a female medical professional about this, giving you the chance to really increase your patient base.

The Dentox training program is coming to Los Angeles soon, giving women dentists in the city and the surrounding areas the opportunity to really show what they can do – and you’ll also be offering a vital service to those patients who had no one they could trust before.

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Strengthening your position in a male dominated industry: dentistry

botox training face mapAs women, we are constantly told – implicitly or explicitly – that we are simply not as good as our male counterparts at . . . well, anything. There is always a complaint, always a criticism, and sometimes even a blatant choice of someone else over us simply because they were a man. This is something that is even more noticeable in some areas of work, and the medical profession, unfortunately, is one of them. For a woman to be taken seriously within the medical world, particularly a speciality like dentistry, she must be able to always offer something new, something better, something that a male dentist has not seen before. That’s why being able to strengthen your position in this male dominated industry can be such hard work – but all of that is about to change.

There is a training program called Dentox that has been especially created to impart new skills to dentists in the area of cosmetic surgery: Botox and dermal fillers, more specifically. As dentists already have the majority of the skills that are required in order to administer a Botox injection or a dermal filler already, this is the perfect way to get the edge over your colleagues with the minimal of new knowledge. Even better, the training only takes one day so you won’t have to take too much time off work in order to gain the knowledge, and there’s absolutely no travel involved out of the city because the training program is coming to New York.

Now is the time to show your male counterparts what you are made of, and leave them behind in the race for new knowledge and new treatment options. Make sure that you book your slot in Dr Howard Katz’s Dentox program to guarantee your spot.

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Dental Homeopathy

The perception of the person as a whole being is something that has been a huge part of the technical advances that were experienced in the 1900s. This mean seeing the person as a complete combination of the mind, soul and body, and most importantly an understanding of the fact that what happens to one part of the human being will certainly affect the rest of the body. When we sue this concept in dentistry, what this means is that the dentist must understand the fact that anything that happens to the body will affect the mouth, and anything that affects the mouth will affect the rest of the body too. Therefore through homeopathy, the dentist is able to provide the necessary care for their patients.

From San Diego Dentist, Dr. Woods:

Generally what we are trying to explain is the fact that homeopathy is all about promoting the wellbeing of an individual and proper health through the use of remedies that are generated from the use of minerals, plants and animal derivatives. This is normally done through diluting and shaking, until a point where there are no detectable amounts of the original substance.

There are two basic ideas that are applied here; the water maintains a reasonable memory of the substance that is required and that the substance will bring about a given symptom in a healthy person, when it is administered in small dosages to an individual that is sick. When this is done, the substance will be able to trigger the body to initiate a healing response that effectively cures the said symptoms.

In short, homeopathy is not about relieving symptoms or killing germs, but it is primarily about stimulating the body to heal itself of the particular condition that it is struggling with. This process goes after the root cause of the disease, through a process that is referred to as the m syndrome. What this does is that it considers the mental, emotional and physical symptoms that are explained by the patient and not just because of the way the disease is manifested as is the case with normal treatment procedure.

When this is done, the holistic medicine, and homeopathic medicine take into consideration all the important factors and elements of the individual. They also consider the particular symptoms that represent the condition in question, not just the ones that are about the physical manifestations which are associated with the condition or the disease.

The procedure also considers the fact that each and every person goes through a unique set of symptoms. Even when you have two different people who are suffering the same kind of ache on their teeth, for the same duration of time, the same intensity of pain and so forth, a will look at each of these individuals differently, and understand that there are different things that will influence their treatments. You will notice that there might be a patient who does not need sympathy and one who perhaps needs more encouragement and sympathy other than the treatment. Therefore the best possible form of treatment is one that incorporates pathology in the treatment process.