Dental Homeopathy

The perception of the person as a whole being is something that has been a huge part of the technical advances that were experienced in the 1900s. This mean seeing the person as a complete combination of the mind, soul and body, and most importantly an understanding of the fact that what happens to one part of the human being will certainly affect the rest of the body. When we sue this concept in dentistry, what this means is that the dentist must understand the fact that anything that happens to the body will affect the mouth, and anything that affects the mouth will affect the rest of the body too. Therefore through homeopathy, the dentist is able to provide the necessary care for their patients.

From San Diego Dentist, Dr. Woods:

Generally what we are trying to explain is the fact that homeopathy is all about promoting the wellbeing of an individual and proper health through the use of remedies that are generated from the use of minerals, plants and animal derivatives. This is normally done through diluting and shaking, until a point where there are no detectable amounts of the original substance.

There are two basic ideas that are applied here; the water maintains a reasonable memory of the substance that is required and that the substance will bring about a given symptom in a healthy person, when it is administered in small dosages to an individual that is sick. When this is done, the substance will be able to trigger the body to initiate a healing response that effectively cures the said symptoms.

In short, homeopathy is not about relieving symptoms or killing germs, but it is primarily about stimulating the body to heal itself of the particular condition that it is struggling with. This process goes after the root cause of the disease, through a process that is referred to as the m syndrome. What this does is that it considers the mental, emotional and physical symptoms that are explained by the patient and not just because of the way the disease is manifested as is the case with normal treatment procedure.

When this is done, the holistic medicine, and homeopathic medicine take into consideration all the important factors and elements of the individual. They also consider the particular symptoms that represent the condition in question, not just the ones that are about the physical manifestations which are associated with the condition or the disease.

The procedure also considers the fact that each and every person goes through a unique set of symptoms. Even when you have two different people who are suffering the same kind of ache on their teeth, for the same duration of time, the same intensity of pain and so forth, a will look at each of these individuals differently, and understand that there are different things that will influence their treatments. You will notice that there might be a patient who does not need sympathy and one who perhaps needs more encouragement and sympathy other than the treatment. Therefore the best possible form of treatment is one that incorporates pathology in the treatment process.