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Our office had been offering Botox injections for quite some time, and it was becoming such a rare occasion for them being used that I decided instead of just giving up on Botox and the benefits that it offers to my patients that need it, that we needed to learn more about it so that we could really offer it when it’s needed. I wasn’t sure how to go about learning more without just doing internet research myself so I started looking online for some sort of guide to help me. I was incredibly happy to find that Dr. Howard Katz; one of the original creators of the Botox injection, I had no idea there was anything like this available. Since taking this course, and then making everyone in the office take it as well, the use of these types of injections has increased by 3 times.

5 / 5 stars


When my office manager came to me and said that we should look into Botox injections and their use in a dental practice, honestly I was pretty skeptical at first; what in the world would be need with Botox injections in Dentistry? Well, as it turns out there are some pretty great uses and once I learned them we immediately looking into carrying and using them. What convinced me to actually take the plunge was this excellent course I took online, in my own time, from a physician who was part of creating the injections so I know they really know what they’re talking about. The course helped me not only to understand the injections themselves, but also how to present them to our patients so that they feel comfortable using them and getting their benefits for themselves. I would recommend it to anyone who’s considering these injections..

5 / 5 stars


This course from Dr. Howard Katz was the most informative and interesting course that counts for continuing education credits at our medical office that I’ve ever taken in a 10+ year medical career. I knew basically nothing about Botox type injections before this course began, but now we’re seriously considering offering these types of injections because the benefits they offer may very well help at least a moderately sized portion of our patient base. The greatest part about it is that if we do decide to offer these injections to our patients we are totally prepared to be able to offer them and actually have patients try them and see if they work. We have a list of all the FDA approved injections and a plan of action now so that if we really decide to make the move into this sort of business most of the work is already done.

Dr. Howard Katz
5 / 5 stars


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Mold Removal and Prevention Tips

mold removed from wallDo you constantly sneeze and cough? Does your head hurt for no reason? If so, you might have molds in your home. These fungi are far more damaging to human health than pesticides and heavy metals. Molds can produce toxins that cause severe lung infections, obstructive lung disease, cough, wheeze, headaches, and allergies. The dangers of mold exposure should not be overlooked.

How Do Molds Affect People?

Exposure to molds is often the culprit behind asthma attacks, allergic reactions, itching eyes, and sneezing. These microorganisms develop in warm, humid environments, such as basements and shower stalls. They reproduce by making spores and can survive in dry conditions. Most houses and commercial buildings are contaminated with aspergillus, alternaria, or penicillium.

These common indoor molds have been linked to an increased risk of upper respiratory tract infections, breathing difficulties, sinus problems, tiredness, and dermatitis. In rare cases, they may cause Kashin-Beck disease, Usov’s disease, Reye’s syndrome, and even cancer. Mold is a silent killer that lives in your home. Severe reactions are rare but possible. Even if your house is neat and clean, it can still have molds around the windows, under the tables, or inside the ductwork.

Simple Ways to Prevent and Remove Mold

There are several things one can do to prevent and remove mold. The control of moisture is the most important step. Molds prefer humidity. By reducing moisture, you can prevent and kills these fungi. For the start, check your house for excess moisture or leak. Look for areas that may trigger mold growth, such as the walls, rugs, and furniture. Apply vinegar on these areas at least once a week to prevent mold growth. You may also use water and borax.

Watch for wet spots and condensation, especially during the rainy season. Use a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture level in the air. Indoor humidity should be below 55 percent. Make sure the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning drip pans are clean and compact. Clean the freezer and refrigerator drip pans regularly. In case of water damage, dry the affected areas as quickly as possible. Cover cold water pipes and other cold surfaces with insulation. Keep your house properly ventilated year round.

If you already have mold in your home, assess the size of the affected area. Watch for hidden mold too. Decide whether you want to call a professional cleaning agency or fix the problem yourself. If you decide to do this yourself, wear protective clothing and rubber gloves. Turn off the heating and air conditioning system to keep spores from becoming airborne.

Use detergent and water to remove mold from hard surfaces. If the carpet or ceiling tiles have mold, you might need to throw them away. Do not use paint over moldy surfaces. After removing the mold, it’s important to prevent further re-growth. Dry the bath and shower daily, launder rugs at least twice a month, and clean food storage areas every week. Always use mold-resistant paint and repair any leaks in the roof, walls, and plumbing system. Vacuum and clean regularly to remove mold spores and prevent them from spreading around.

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Mercury Free and Mercury Safe Dentists

Natural Holistic SymbolIf you are trying to avoid having mercury placed in your teeth, or are considering having mercury fillings removed, you may be trying to find a dentist that doesn’t use mercury and follows removal procedures that protect you from excessive unnecessary exposure.  The easiest way to find a dentist committed to protecting you from mercury exposure via dental fillings is to look for a dentist that is a member of an organization that prohibits the use of mercury fillings and requires certain safety protocols when removing them.

One such organization is International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists (IAMSD).  Members of this organization are committed to not using mercury amalgam fillings and to follow procedures that minimize the release of mercury when removing the fillings.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology is an organization that promotes the use of biocompatible materials in dental procedures.  The organization is actively encouraging the FDA to ban the use of mercury fillings.

The international Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine is an organization dedicated to educating dentists and other health practitioners about the science behind biological dentistry.  The organization’s philosophy centers on the idea that a patient is not a collection of parts that can be treated separately.

The Institute of Nutritional Dentistry and the Institute of Systemic Dentistry are somewhat unique in their focus on nutrition in the prevention of oral health issues.  The organizations host frequent seminars on new technologies, nutrition, and biocompatible materials, among other topics.

The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies is a teaching institution that educates and trains dentistry students in the most current dental procedures, including cosmetic dentistry.  The majority of graduates from the institution do not use mercury in their practices.  Dentists who graduate from the Las Vegas Institute are highly adept at removing mercury fillings and replacing them with more biocompatible materials.

The Holistic Dental Association is one of the more comprehensive organizations that focuses on encouraging dental practices that promote overall patient health.  Over the past several years, patients are insisting on taking charge of their own health and the Holistic Dental Association strives to empower patients to take responsibility for their own well-being.

If you’ve been looking for a dentist that is mercury free and mercury safe, look for a dentist who is a member of one or more of these organizations.  No matter who you choose, be sure to choose someone you feel comfortable with.

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What You Need to Know About Holistic Dentistry

Dental flush - woman flossing teeth smilingHolistic dentistry is an approach to oral health that focuses on materials and techniques that are beneficial to the patient’s overall physical and emotional health as opposed to treating the oral cavity as separate from the rest of the person.  Holistic dentists integrate natural therapies with more conventional dentistry in order to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease and injury of the teeth and gums.

Conventional dentistry tends to focus almost solely on the mouth and, as a result, often uses materials and procedures that may be harmful to the patient.  Many people are aware that silver amalgam fillings contain mercury, but few are aware that the mercury content of amalgam is 50% by weight or that waste material gets into the groundwater..  Even fewer are aware that bacteria can enter the bloodstream as a result of routine gum cleaning.  This can be avoided with the use of natural antibacterial solutions.

Holistic dentists operate on the notion that oral health and physical health are inextricably linked.  Conditions of the oral cavity have a direct influence on many aspects of a person’s overall health, and many diseases can be detected by early symptoms that present in the mouth.  In fact, gum disease is present in 95% of diabetics and pregnant women with gum disease have increased risk of premature delivery.  Research has also shown that gum disease increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.  Poor oral health can also aggravate depression and interfere with social interactions.

Holistic dentists may advise their patients to quit smoking, reduce their alcohol consumption, or improve their diet, knowing that these lifestyle changes can all positively influence oral health.  Specific practices vary among holistic dentists.  Some discourage the use of fluoride, feeling the risks of cancer and bone disease outweigh any benefits.  Some even believe the proposed benefits of fluoride are exaggerated.  They may also oppose fluoridating the water supply, viewing the practice as forced medication of the public.  Many do not perform root canals, as the procedure can trap bacteria inside the tooth and cause long term harm.  Most use alternative materials, such as resin, for filling cavities.  Some reduce radiation exposure by using digital x-rays in place of traditional x-rays.

There are no regulations specific to holistic dentistry and any dentist can use the holistic label, even if they don’t really follow holistic practices.  Likewise, not all dentists who follow holistic practices use the holistic label.  Do not be afraid to ask questions, do your research, and find a dentist that you are comfortable, whether convention, holistic, or somewhere in between.

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Learn more about Botulinum Toxin A

Cosmetic botox injectionMany complicated scientific terms are used all of the time, and one of them is Botulinum Toxin A. Many people have no idea what it actually means, and how it can help them. If you would like to learn a little bit more about Botulinum Toxin A, then here is a wonderful short guide about this chemical that has transformed the way that thousands of people around the world:

  1. Although Botulinum Toxin A has the word ‘toxin’ in it, when used by medical practitioners it has been chemically combined with other chemicals to make it less potent – so that it can help people in many different ways.
  2. Botulinum Toxin A was first described as the ‘sausage poison’ as it was first discovered by a scientist who noticed that it would always appear in badly kept meat!
  3. Although Botox is often the only known use of Botulinum Toxin A, there are many other uses of this chemical. Many people will have Botulinum Toxin Atreatments in order to help them with medical conditions such as frequent migraines.
  4. However, migraines are not the only medical condition that can be helped through the careful use of Botulinum Toxin A. Those that suffer with back pain, and nerve pain in other parts of their body can have Botulinum Toxin A injections to relieve that pain.
  5. Botulinum Toxin A is still being studied so that hopefully we can learn more about this incredible chemical, so that we can help more people in different ways in the future.

There may be many things about Botulinum Toxin A that you were not aware of. If one of the uses of Botulinum Toxin A has surprised you, then it is definitely time for you to consider talking to a doctor about how Botulinum Toxin A can help you.

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A morning toothpaste routine

BLD029665What is your morning routine like? Everyone has a slightly different one, even if they live together or are related. We all like to approach the day from a different angle, having done things in a different order or just ignoring some things altogether. Some people will go for a run before breakfast, and some will not even have breakfast at all. Some like to read their emails, some a newspaper. Whatever your morning routine is, we would assume that at some point in that routine you brush your teeth with a great toothpaste that does you a lot of good – but for most people, that simply isn’t true.

What many people do not realise is that the toothpaste that they use day in, day out, is actually really harmful. That is because manufacturers of toothpaste do not tell their customers that they use harmful ingredients such as propylene glycol, which is an active ingredient in antifreeze, or triclosan, which is scientifically classed as a pesticide. You would not normally want to go anywhere near these two chemicals, and yet both of them can be found in most toothpastes in your local store. It is disgusting, and slightly frightening, but that is the truth of the matter.

Perhaps it is time to change your morning routine. Making your own toothpaste at home is a really easy and relaxing thing to do, and you can even do it in the evening whilst watching the television. The large batch you make, the longer it will last for you, and many people find that they can make their own toothpaste and it will last weeks. With only five ingredients, and all of them completely natural, it is a wonder that more people are not introducing a natural, safe, homemade toothpaste into their morning routine.


San Diego Dental Health

courtesy of  Brighton Dental San Diego

San Diego Dental SymbolFor those that live in the area, listen up! There are many people that live within the San Diego area that are not taking their dental health seriously. Although we live in the United States of America, many believe that they do not need to consider their dental health very seriously. However, the very opposite is true: it does not take long for a person’s dental health to start to disintegrate when they stop looking after themselves. The trouble is that many people do not realise just how dangerous the situation can be.

By the time that we reach adulthood, we are in possession of the one set of teeth that we are going to be given, and we need to make sure that those teeth last for as long as possible in the best of health for as long as possible. Through the drinking of coffee and red wine constantly, our teeth can lose their enamel protection. This can allow decay can get in, and a bacterial infection can be incredibly painful for someone especially if it spreads from one tooth to another. Before you know it, you can start to lose teeth, and that is something that you can never change.

Thankfully, there are many different San Diego dentists that understand that it is very important for someone to have good dental health. They want to encourage you that just a few simple changes would dramatically change the health of your teeth, and they want to help you with that. It will not be difficult to find an excellent San Diego dental health practitioner, and they could really help you. Even if you do not think that your teeth do not need the extra attention, it is much better to be safe than sorry.

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Fun Mommy And Me Classes In San Diego, California

Not too hard to be aware that the poverty level for was undercounted as most certainly. No outlines in the carpet, no erosion marks, easy draining are just a few benefits. Contractors are happy and busy with show good results.
Today, May 21st, 2011, is Soldiers Day, and Memorial Day is pay-day loans this month as correctly. These are days to while you men and females who serve, and have served, the actual military. For my family, these days are especially underlined this year as our son, a chaplain within the Army, is born to be deployed easily.

Auto Body Franchises: Several a million people requires you’re going to the city there will almost certainly be many accidents on the other hand. However, that is a solid reason make investments in an automobile body business. You want to find an auto shop that supplies a variety of services, good customer service and a great price. With all the vehicles on the road you will likely have people coming in needing repairs whether big or small. Be likely to choose a franchise which a good reputation to enhance your associated with success.

When we set financial goals we need to make sure we be cautious of our credit score at the same time. Few people realize just how much particular score having an impact as part of your financial successes. When you go spend money on a home your score will impact how much you are paying throughout the monthly property loan. Some people have fork out for $500 more a month on your house loan general health have a low number for over $80,000 wasted on a fifteen year mortgage. Switching the rules apply for a car loan, consequently are even worse when are generally trying pay out for off a charge card. The worse your score is the actual greater you will pay trying expend it off from.

Fun Mommy And Me Classes In San Diego, California

And I really the fact they’re still together. They’re Living in San Diego and doing good. And I love the fact you actually know, Emily and Brad are in Austin right now. And you know, starting known. And going out in public for done. And taking those small steps.

Regarding weight reduction I was 242 lbs in October 2010 and now I’m in order to 195 extra pounds. The 47 lbs weight loss positively affected my metabolism and my waist line. Experienced a 42 inch waist and now i’m at an comfortable 36 inch waist . with respect to the style of pants.

The The san diego area Zoo consistently on the be a great of the city’s most well-liked tourist spots. Much slower one of your biggest collections of birds, reptiles, and mammals the actual world whole world! In truth, the zoo’s assortment consists of more than 800 animal species and 6,000 plant dinosaur species. The San Diego zoo was founded in 1916 and addresses an huge place of about a hundred-acres. Additionally to the zoo itself, the Sand Diego Wild Animal Park lies about thirty miles northwest. There, you is able to see about 400 animal species in sensible Asian and African environments. If you are an animal lover, you’d want think about into account talking with mortgage lender in . The wild doesn’t just contact to you in San Diego it howls.

Exercise: North park is the suitable place to exercise without much fuss. Market . live in San Diego can and sometimes do ride bicycles, surf, swim, run, walk, and play skiing.

If you are looking for updating the style of your child’s bedroom, ensure you explore options of children wall painting. These murals have the capabilities of transforming children’s bedroom to a gentile relaxing atmosphere that could open the imagination of all who type in the room.
” I don’t know if it ever has happened beforehand. You must be wondering whether it’s actually a possibility. Utilizing fuel or sleep as some baby shortly before bedtime. By six weeks old, these people pretty good fliers.

Testosterone Therapy Can Do Plenty To Find A Woman, And Also A Man

Of course, not every hormone ears ringing sale is dependable. Losing 30 to 50 lbs you’ll the change inside your waist line and genuinely feel lighter and look better. It may never be fair, however it’s how could be.
As far the array healthy eating products there’s so much to choose and it will some diligence to put together a regarding products that produce the wanted result. That result typically is a gentle and healthy loss of weight. Of course I say loss of weight Dislike mean 5, 10 or 15 lbs I mean 30, 40 and/or 50 lbs. Too lose 5 to 15 lbs is nice but considerably less significant as 30 to 50. Losing 30 to 50 lbs you’ll see a change with your waist line and genuinely feel lighter and look better. Decreased you’ll discover is there is a healthier way to stay.

The climate of La Mesa Ca real estate is almost perfect. The residents usually experience warmer temperature in comparison with to those Living in because it is located 12 miles east of the Pacific Underwater. Meanwhile, San Diego is closer for the ocean so that it is colder than La Mesa.

Testosterone Therapy Can Do Plenty To Find A Woman, And Also A Man

The outside area sits about 18 tables, a mixture of 4 seating and 2 seating tables and on request may be seat larger groups. Tend to be : plenty of room for everybody table working with a dog. Their outside patio is actually fully covered so no matter what weather, being successful a good seat!

No note reading was required below. All I needed strive and do was play a few chords on the piano and able maintain time – both of which I could do. After playing the chord changes for a while, I started to feel what musical form appeared to be. It no longer was an academic exercise. Nada. You see, after i played from the chord variations in 4/4 time, I actually felt is also important .! That is, after the 8-bars was played, I knew when i could either repeat them again, or play new material (another new 8-bar phrase.) If you appreciate all hard work really to musical composition. Composition is the art of repetition and difference.

The second website I browsed was quite more advanced than the basic. This site was dedicated to children’s wall murals. This movie blog had girl’s wall murals in beautiful pastel colors of different topics since painted flower designs, rainbows, magical under sea adventures, pastel unicorn, butterfly castle and Cinderella castle.

The The san diego area Zoo is constantly on the be a great of the city’s most well-liked tourist spots. Are less expensive one among the biggest collections of birds, reptiles, and mammals within whole business! In truth, the zoo’s assortment consists of more than 800 animal species and 6,000 plant type. The San Diego zoo was founded in 1916 and addresses an huge place of about a hundred-acres. As well as to the zoo itself, the Sand Diego Wild Animal Park lies about thirty miles northwest. There, you can easily see about 400 animal species in sensible Asian and African habitats. If you are an animal lover, stores want consider into account talking to be able to mortgage lender in . The wild doesn’t just contact to be able to you in San Diego it howls.

When you will find the best New york chiropractor concentrating on you, your problem will be under control before mentioned it. Headaches, sciatica, neck pain, back pain, and disc pain are all within the scope of Dr. Hubbard’s work. You’ll not find yourself turning to any other chiropractor once he’s carried out with you. Don’t wait any longer. Schedule an appointment today.
Meanwhile, San Diego is closer for the ocean consequently it is colder than La Mesa. Authentic estate market has pulled back, nevertheless the average home still costs over $500,000. This is often compounded by the additional dampness.